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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  January 29, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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san francisco where a pair of dogs attacked two men in golden gate park. >> reporter: police were out here late into the night looking for one of the dogs. that is after they shot the other dog. it happened in this grove here behind me in golden gate park on 25th and lincoln way at about 10:30 last night. one man was attacked by two dogs described as pit bulls. and another man came to help him and was bitten on the leg. >> i saw the whole thing happen. some guy was getting mauled beside the bench, located right over here, and then i hear this woman just screaming on the top of her lungs and i actually thought she was being raped. >> reporter: police arrived, again they shot and killed one of the dogs. the other one ran off. the man who was first attacked was taken to the hospital and
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isn stable condition. police don't know who owns the doings. anne makovec, kpix 5 -- police don't know who owns the dogs. anne makovec, kpix 5. three cars inside a san rafael home burned when a fire started at the home or surfwood circle around 11 p.m. last night. it started in the garage. the firefighters kept the flames from spreading to the home. everyone got out safely. oily rags from a recently refinished wood deck may have started the fire. you know what i did for the first time in a long time? i ran my windshield wipers twice . >> yes. on the way home you might have to run it more. rain is headed our way. doesn't look like a big storm but showers developing late in the day especially in the north bay and then spreading south. out the door, our hi-def doppler radar checking your skies out. we have some dense fog showing up out there as well and some drizzle especially approaching the coastline. so be careful, the roads are slick. you see most of the energy hung up to the north. high pressure has to break down and that will take the day to happen and then this whole
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system will start to drop to the south and bring us some rain. out the door we go, cloudy skies and mild temperatures. 59 in san francisco. 57 in san jose. this afternoon, chance of showers developing in the north bay and spreading south overnight tonight. temperatures mild 50s and 60s. we'll have more on rain chances coming up. right now let's check on the roads with liza battalones. [ pause ] new this morning, the santa clara valley water district has approved a goal to reduce water use by 10%. it's in response to the ongoing drought. as for how the goal will be reached, that will be up to retailers that buy water from the district. they include san jose water company and cities of santa clara and gilroy. 17 communities across california could run out of water within 60 to 120 days. state and federal officials are working on exclusions that could include money for new wells and trucking in water. the water systems are all in rural areas. they range from santa cruz
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county to sonoma county. less rainfall will mean a smaller grape crop this year. that's the word from growers in napa valley where napa river levels are down. they talked about drought problems yesterday. some of them are already making changes. they are pruning vines earlier and seeing early budding. and as always, track the current weather conditions in your area just go to our website, happening today, bart police sergeant tom smith will be laid to rest later this morning. sergeant smith's partner accidentally shot and killed him while searching an apartment last week. detective michael maes will be at the service. officers from other agencies will assist bart to monitor for incidents. the funeral begins at 10:00 this morning at the neighborhood church of castro valley. it's also known as the three cross church and is located at 2600 john drive in castro valley. let's get a check on the
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roads now with liza. >> good morning, everybody. we are going to start off "kcbs traffic" once again with this accident in half moon bay. we do have a crew on the way to the scene. this major accident involving a car which has gone down the ravine. there is a rescue in progress. this is in half moon bay. highway 1 at martins beach. at least one party has to be extricated from the car and they have shut down some of that traffic through the area again highway 1 in half moon bay. as we check on the rest of the commute, it is shaping up to be a busy drive out there. you're looking at live pictures of 880 as it rolls through the oakland area. just beyond this picture, southbound 880 near 980, an accident involving a big rig and another car blocking two lanes of traffic. so you can expect some delays getting through there. those are the two hot spots, oakland 880 and half moon bay along highway 1. the bay bridge commute you can see from these live pictures still wide open at the toll plaza. and that light traffic stays with you all the way across the
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span heading into san francisco. we are hearing that bart is on schedule this morning so no delays for the bart system. and heading towards the dublin interchange, you can see all the headlights there westbound 580 still looking okay through the livermore valley. you will see delays though approaching the altamont pass beginning at the 205 interchange. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." now to michelle. president obama hits the road today beginning a four- state tour to tout the highlights of his state of the union address. as cbs news' susan mcginnis reports, the president is calling 2014 a year of action. >> reporter: president obama takes his state of the union message on the road this morning. the president is selling his idea that more needs to be done to close the gap between the rich and the poor. >> inequality has deepened. upward mobility has stalled. >> reporter: the president warned congress he will act with or without them. >> wherever and whenever i can take steps without legislation to expand opportunities for
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more american families, that's what i'm going to do. >> reporter: the president announcessed he will use executive action to raise the minimum wage for some federal workers and create a new treasury savings bond for people without traditional retirement options. the president's go it alone strategy isn't sitting well with congress here on capitol hill. >> it was probably the most arrogant and belligerent speech i have ever seen a president give. >> reporter: washington congresswoman rodgers gave the official republican response saying while the president talks about income inequality, his policies widen the gap. >> last month, more americans stopped looking for a job than found one. >> reporter: but lawmakers did put politics aside last night when the president introduced sergeant cory remsburg a veteran nearly killed in afghanistan. [ applause ] >> reporter: he got the longest ovation of the night. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> mayor ed lee was one of the
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first lady's guests at last night's address. this is a photo from mayor lee. earlier in the day in the east room of the white house. and here he is with stanford university alumni twin brothers jason and jaren collins. jason collins is a former pro basketball player. after the address, lee released a brief statement. he thanked the white house and said he will do what he can to support the president's goals including more affordable housing. reaction to the state of the union address is generally positive in heavily democratic california. according to our exclusive kpix 5/surveyusa poll, 53% have confidence in the president to lead the nation. 40% do not with 7% unsure. an 81-year-old woman now recovering from a bullet wound after an intruder shot her in her home yesterday morning in oakland's upper diamond neighborhood on laguna avenue there. police say the home invasion robbery likely began as a burglary until the culprit was surprised to find someone
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inside. a neighbor says he heard it. >> i heard a bang, what sounded like a newspaper for phone book hitting the front door but turned out to be a gunshot. >> police and crimestoppers of oakland are offering a $5,000 reward in money in an effort to find the gunman. someone apparently vandalized a car of oakland mayor jean quan. the rear window of her toyota prius smashed on monday outside the chabot space and science center. the mayor was there to attend a community meeting. nothing was stolen so police don't know if it was a burglary attempt or just an act of vandalism. oakland city council members ran into a roadblock with plans for a surveillance center. [ yelling and cursing ] >> opponents showed up to point out a problem with a contractor that was set to be hired to finish phase 2 of the center. it turns out schneider electric is involved in nuclear weapons work according to its website.
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hiring them would be a violation of oakland municipal code. >> all remaining bidders are guilty of the same violations. they should all be disqualified tonight. >> schneider electric says it's been a decade since it was involved in nuclear programs but the committee did not approve schneider for the project and sent the issue to the full city council. it is 5:09 on your wednesday. the crack pipe crusader. meet the man who says free crack pipes are a matter of life and death! plus -- >> further south to get away from the south. but it followed me down i guess. >> deep snow in the deep south. a rare winter storm that has caused gridlock and frayed nerves. >> and the pope is a rock and roll star. what's behind the rolling stones cover coming up. >> fog and drizzle but we could soon see a little rain, too. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and if you are heading for the nimitz in the oakland area, we are watching a major accident which has shut down two lanes of traffic southbound
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880 just beyond 980. i'll have the very latest on this including information on that accident in half moon bay on highway 1 with "kcbs traffic" in just a few minutes. ,, save up to $500 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get a sealy queen set for just $399. even get 3 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. keep more presidents in your wallet. sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now.
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night, the man fell off a c at ark".. and a man is in the hospital this morning after a bad fall during a family picnic. about 5:00 last night, the man
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fell off a cliff at china camp state park landed some 30 feet down. san rafael firefighters say the man in his 30s was unconscious when a coast guard helicopter finally hoisted him to safety. then another helicopter flew him to the hospital. >> it's low tide so it's rocky. the best access for us was to use the long line from the coast guard which brought the patient up to the parking lot where we loaded him up in cal star and the flight nurses and paramedics provided advance life support. >> no word right now on the condition of that man this morning. pope francis has made the cover of rolling stone magazine. the upcoming issue explores the pope's efforts to bring the catholic church into a new era. its headline borrows from bob dylan, the times they are achangin'. the pope is trending on twitter this morning. also trending, oprah. she turns 60 today. billy joel has taken rest did i every denicy at madison square
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garden playing once a month until people stop buying tickets. super bowl the homeland security department is sending hundreds of employees to help with security at this weekend's game between the broncos and the seahawks. and justin bieber is trending an official petition calling for the canadian native to be deported has gotten 72,000 signatures. remember, you can follow us on twitter at #cbssf. 5:14. let's kick it over to liza to find out what's going on, on the roadways. >> it's a busy morning commute. we are getting an update from the chp that they may have to shut down 880 momentarily as they work to clear up the serious accident which happened in the southbound direction just beyond the 980 interchange involving a big rig and another car. at this point, two lanes of traffic are shut down and you can see that we are looking at backups approaching the scene. again, the chp will be shutting down lanes momentarily to work on clearing this accident. when they do, you're going to want to take 580 as your alternate. we'll let you know once that
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happens. but again avoid the nimitz through oakland. just beyond the shot is where the accident occurred. it's molding back traffic that normally travels along southbound 880. that would be the headlights so still wide open for the southbound 880 drive leaving the coliseum bound for hayward. and the other big problems we have been talking about is in half moon bay, highway 1 approaching martins beach road involving that car that went down the ravine. we do have crews on the way. in fact, there is a rescue in progress at this hour with traffic control in the area. we're hearing that at least one person is trapped in his vehicle. there is that rescue in progress highway 1 at half moon bay approaching martins beach road. the bay bridge commute leaving oakland heading into san francisco still wide open with very light traffic at the toll plaza. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." now to lawrence. low clouds, fog, a little drizzle outside this morning. the roadways may be slick if you are headed out the door. hi-def doppler radar so far fairly quiet now but i think things change toward the
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afternoon. you can see the skies clear of rain. just to the north still looks like we'll begin to see things change and you already see a couple of light showers developing off the coastline. looks like we are going to see more of that on the way though as we head into the afternoon. before you know it maybe a little rain falling overnight tonight and into tomorrow. so as we head throughout the day today, there's still a chance of sprinkles mainly to the north then a chance of rain for the rest of the bay area over the next few days. some much-needed rain possibly headed to the bay area. not going to be a drought breaker. if we see .10" half inch in some of the wettest spots in the north bay that would be good. how about this by the afternoon? whole ridge of high pressure is going to break down so that's going to allow the jet stream to start to sag to the south. that means a better chance for rain developing for us a little bit later on. around the state, rain in far northern shower, showers late in the day in the sacramento valley. high country haven't seen this for a while, winter storm warnings going up there upwards of two feet of snow above 8,000 feet or so. at lake level by tomorrow morning a half foot. that would be nice to see.
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haven't seen much snow in the sierra at all this year. chance of scattered showers as we head throughout the day mainly to the north and then as we get into the afternoon and evening hours the whole front sags on through bringing a chance of rain for everybody through tonight and into early tomorrow morning. temperatures not bad. you will see a lot of 60s outside so running above the average and 50s toward the coastline. your sunrise today 7:16. your sunset at 5:30. the unsettled weather continuing today and into tomorrow. it looks like a dry day for the most part on friday. another slight chance of showers near the coastline sunday. but this could be the most significant rain event overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. >> of the year. >> of the year, really. the year so far. >> yeah. that's good. >> it's amazing. >> we need it. all right, lawrence, thank you. >> thank you, lawrence. 5:17. the latest winter storm is too much for the city of atlanta. hundreds of students spent the night stuck at school and they're still there this morning. almost 3" of snow fell in the southern city yesterday. it clogged up roads, turned highways into parking lots.
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they are not used to this. driving conditions so bad stuck at schools, churches and even grocery stores. >> we are sending state troopers, members of our georgia state patrol, to each of the schools where children are still there. and it is anticipated that in some of those schools, some of the children will probably spend the night there. >> people are blocking the intersection and getting out of their cars and walking. >> well, the storm slammed states from texas to north carolina. at least 6 states in the south right now under emergency. if the city won't do it a new group of activists said they will hand out free crack pipes on the streets of san francisco. the director of the tenderloin- based urban survivors union says volunteers will start passing out 50 to 100 crack pipes a day in march. last week, city leaders told kpix 5 they were strongly against a formal recommendation that a free crack pipe program
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could help stop the spread of hiv. >> hiv can manifest itself nava right of ways. we don't know the entire lifestyle of the crack user. that's why we're doing this. we want to get to know people. we want to know what they're doing. they could be part of the mix of why our rates are not going down. >> crack pipes are illegal because they are drug paraphernalia. the urban survivors union says they are prepared to risk jail. time now 5:19. david beckham's back for another super bowl ad. how the hunky soccer star is giving us a peek into the future of online shopping. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, you're not going to believe it! i have a richard sherman update. and the president's speech must inspired the washington wizard against the warriors. straight ahead. ,, ,,,,,,,,,, when you have diabetes like i do,
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watching this video from la year's mavericks big wave sf alf moon bay. you can almost feel the water watching this video from last year's mavericks big waves surf competition near half moon bay. san mateo camera makers go pro just released video from the board-mounted cameras. you can clearly see surfers up against those 25- to 30-foot swells. the video has already racked up nearly 200,000 views on youtube. it's cool. >> it's unbelievable! look at that.
5:23 am
great stuff. good morning, everybody. seahawks cornerback richard sherman still believes that michael crabtree is mediocre. but at the media day yesterday the former stanford star expressed regret for his infamous post-game tirade at the nfc championship. >> i regret it just attacking a man and taking away from my teammates. you never want to talk down on a man to build yourself up and things like that so i regret it bad and i regret taking the attention away from my teammates. the man whose career ended in 2009 is suing the nfl claiming the league hid the risks of concussions after suffering more head injuries in the nfl with detroit. he hasn't played in the nfl since 2011. john wall and the wizards visiting oracle and the warriors. golden state led buys as many as 10 in the 2nd quarter but the wizard went on a run. the jump shot gave washington an 8-point 3rd quarter lead.
5:24 am
in the fourth warriors battled back, lee ties the game at 85 with less than two minutes to go but here comes the dagger and the three-pointer. washington wins 88-85. golden state cannot within the close games. and they shot 37% last night turning the ball over 19 times. the coach said they are going to have to get better, have to, against the wizards. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. play of the day college hoops. st. john's and creighton tied up at 62 seconds left. mcdermott nails the three up and in. nothing but net. creighton downed the red storm 63-60. mcdermott, the coach's son had a season-high 39 points in the game and is the play of the day. david beckham's super bowl ad is going where no ad has ever gone before. try not to focus on what he is not wearing, liza. >> hello. >> the favorite soccer player
5:25 am
is doing a spot for his clothing line and h & m. if you like what he is or is not wearing, you can buy it right on the spot. you need a samsung smart tv to do that though. h & m and the tech giant are trying out the new gimmick that brings tv watching and shop all on one device. >> you're checking it out. >> hello! 5:25. coming up, strapped for cash? >> the queen is being told to tighten her belt. >> what happened to the 16-year- old victim of the asiana airlines crash? the new report that questions the coroner's findings. >> reporter: and a dog is on the loose after attacking two people here in golden gate park. police are stationed around the park. we have new information on this attack right after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. your realtime captioner is mrs. linda marie macdonald police officers stationed around golden gate park this morning. i'm anne makovec with a live report on a dog atag that left one man in the hospital. i'm cate caugiran live in the newsroom. a new report by the city of san francisco questions the coroner's findings in the asiana airlines crash. what the city says really happened to the 16-year-old victim. cloudy with some dense fog but rain could soon make a return. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and delays continue for 880 in the oakland area. that's where we have that big accident in the southbound direction. i'll have details on that and more "kcbs traffic" in just a few minutes. good morning, wednesday is here, january 29. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. developing as you wake up, kpix 5's anne makovec is live at golden gate park where a pair of dogs attacked two people sending one man to the
5:30 am
hospital. anne? >> reporter: one of those dogs is on the loose likely somewhere here in golden gate park. that is what we just heard from a police officer who says other officers are stationed around looking for that pit bull named cleo. it all started here in this grove on 25th and lincoln in golden gate park. the other dog that was involved in this attack was shot and killed by police last night. the dogs were owned by a man who set up camp here and then left his friend alone with the dogs while he ran an errand. about 10:30 last night the dogs turned on that friend attacking him. the owner came back and he was bitten on the leg, as well. police arrived. >> they tried to bring animal control out to put a noose around the dogs. that has failed. so the police came in and basically like a firing line
5:31 am
and so the dog just kept going further into the park and coming back and so the second time that they came back and the black dog looked close enough and was sitting on the table when the policeman shot him. >> reporter: this describes a lot of screaming as well during the event last night. one man was taken to the hospital. he is described as being in stable condition this morning. and the other man, the dog's owner, was bitten on the leg refused treatment and apparently is going to be fine. live in golden gate park, anne makovec, kpix 5. rain, it's acomin' finally, huh? >> can you believe it? maybe the most significant storm we have seen like frank mentioned all year so far. looks like a chance of showers headed our way. haven't seen it yet. we have seen fog and low clouds and drizzle. dense fog. so be careful out the door. hi-def doppler radar is looking for some rain outside. it's going to make its way
5:32 am
slowly down to the bay area. you can see a couple of scattered showers just to the west of cloverdale right now but we have more on the way as we head into the afternoon hours and overnight tonight expecting more rain across the bay area. it is currently hung up now under high pressure. you can see most of the energy headed up into far northern california. this ridge will weaken by the afternoon and that's when we are expecting the rain to drop into the bay area. outside, cloudy skies. temperatures very mild to begin the day. 50s almost 60 degrees in san francisco. this afternoon, we'll see a lot of 60s outside. not going to rain for the better part of the day. i think a chance of showers mainly north of the golden gate bridge. and then it looks like this afternoon and tonight the rain will be picking up and spreading to the south throughout the night. let's check the roads with liza battalones. >> accident southbound 880 just beyond 980 still blocking a couple of lanes of traffic. chp briefly shut down lanes of the nimitz to position a tow truck. those lanes are open. two right lanes are shut down. sensors are picking up slow
5:33 am
traffic approaching the scene. it's backed up from 980. oakland's a tough spot this morning. we have an accident where a car was originally traveling in the eastbound direction of highway 24, flipped over, overturned and ended up in westbound traffic. right now that car is resting in westbound lanes. highway 24 just beyond highway 13. the left lane partially shut down and you can see it's not doing much to slow down traffic heading through there so those are the hot spots. we have better news for half moon bay. that's where we have been telling but that car that went down the ravine. the rescue is complete. the person in the car had minor injuries. there is traffic control in the area southbound 1 approaching martins beach road in half moon bay. that's your "kcbs traffic." now to frank. >> thank you, liza. san francisco investigators disagree with the san mateo county coroner's report on how a teenager died at sfo last july. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is in the newsroom. that report has different cause of death for one of the
5:34 am
passengers. >> reporter: it does. it's san francisco's version's of the crash investigation. one of the revelations that people will be talking about today is that report claims the 16-year-old victim was not wearing her seatbelt at the time of the crash. following the asiana plane crash san francisco city admits the city firefighters ran over ye meng yaun twice but in the new report filed with the ntsb the city attorney denies she was still alive at the time of the roll overdespite what the san mateo county coroner says. >> multiple blunt injuries that are consistent with being run over by a motor vehicle. those injuries she received she was alive at the time. >> reporter: in its new report the city says if she were alive, how come the coroner found no dust, dirt, debris or firefighting foam in the trachea or lung tissues of the
5:35 am
deceased? if she were alive, the city says, she would have breathed in one or more of those items. the city also notes that she was ejected from the plane just like two other passengers who were right next to her both of whom died. >> san francisco is saying that the san mateo county coroner's decision is faulty. >> reporter: attorney jerry gold shoal says the city is likely building its defense against the wrongful death lawsuit already filed by the girl's family. >> that the girl was already dead. therefore, that as tragic as it was that her body was mutilated by the fire engine, the fire engines did not cause her death. and therefore, she has no claim against the city and county of san francisco. >> reporter: the question of how she died could be answered by a jury if case gets that far but goldsholle says it's likely the case will be settled. cate caugiran, kpix 5. the family of a bay area woman who just died from the flu is urging people to get
5:36 am
vaccinated. 46-year-old nancy pinnella got sick tuesday of last week. wednesday morning, she went to the doctor and by that night, she was on life support. nancy died saturday from the h1n1 virus. now her family wants everyone to get a flu shot. >> wouldn't have wanted her life to be without meaning and i think this gives meaning to her life. if her death helped somebody else that would have made a very big impact for her. >> nancy's doctor told her family they are convinced she would be alive today if she got a flu shot. nancy was a former kpix 5 employee. curbside mailboxes are the target of thieves in the city of belmont now. police say it appears the crooks are keeping items that could be worth something to them and then getting rid of the rest of the mail. in the past week, a large amount of discarded mail has been found tossed into people's yards along terrace drive and hillman avenue. >> what we think is happening is that subjects are going through selectively taking pieces of mail. they are probably going for things related to identity theft. it's the time of year when your
5:37 am
w2s arrive for your taxes. >> belmont police are advising pooh em to get locking mailboxes -- people to get locking mailboxes and asking everyone to report suspicious people in their neighborhoods. a civil trial in the bryan stow beating cannist is delayed. he is suing the former dodgers own for security negligence. he was beaten in a parking lot after a giants and dodgers game in l.a. back in 2011. he was left permanently disabled. the judge overseeing the civil trial has been reassigned. the case will be resumed once a new judge is chosen. the state senate passed a bill to regulate toy guns sold in california. under the bill, all toy, bb and pellet guns would have to be in bright colors or transparent to distinguish them from real guns. the bill was inspired by the fatal shooting of 13-year-old andy lopez in sonoma county last october. a sheriff's deputy mistook the teens' toy gun for an ak-47. the bill next goes to the assembly. happening today, a carnival cruise ship is due back at a
5:38 am
new jersey port after an excursion cut short by illness on the boat. more than 600 people on the boat experienced unpleasant symptoms on the caribbean. the cause of the illness not determined but experts say many signs point to the norovirus. and defense secretary chuck hagel plans to meet with top nuclear officials today. the meeting comes after dozens more officers were implicated in an investigation of cheating on missile launching proficiency tests. air force reported earlier this month that 34 officers were accused of cheating. he says wants to find some quic solutions. the auto industry is doing well. cbs moneywatch reporter wendy gillette has good news from detroit. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. detroit automaker chrysler announced huge fourth quarter earnings today. the net income more than quadrupled to $1.62 billion thanks to strong sales and one- time tax benefits. investors are also waiting to see if the federal reserve will announce any changes to its
5:39 am
stimulus program following its two-day meeting that ends today. yesterday, the dow was up 90 points. the nasdaq gained 14. the senate could vote as early as today to delay huge premium increases for the federal flood insurance program. the program helps more than 5 million policyholders. but it's $24 billion in debt after racking up huge losses to pay for disasters like superstorm sandy. hundreds of thousands of people faced rate increases because of new flood maps. and americans love to travel to europe. released a report about our favorite destinations based on its reservations last year. london and paris top the list, and toronto beat out rome for the third spot. frank and michelle? >> looking at a european vacation coming up, wendy. we'll see, though. the improving economy may be bringing an unexpected consequence. what is it? >> reporter: yes. it could be bringing more divorces. the study released by the
5:40 am
population research and policy review shows divorces plunged during the recession. about 150,000 fewer than usual from 2009 to 2011. but they are now increasing. one possible reason, couples may have been waiting for their financial situation to improve before they took the costly step of getting a divorce. >> they have a study for everything, don't they? >> reporter: yes. everything, everything, everything in the whole world. >> i guess so. wendy gillette,, live in new york, thanks. the nhl has a plan to cancel its trip to the olympics if necessary. militant groups are threatening to target the games. russian president vladimir putin says every precaution is being taken. still, american athletes have been advised not to wear their team usa gear outside the olympi venue. 5:40. how a first time skydiver survived with a parachute failure. >> it's a sentiment felt by
5:41 am
49ers fans. anyone but the seahawks. how one woman is cashing in. >> fire season never ended in the bay area. we're at fire station 14 in the east bay with mobile weather as the news continues on kpix 5. ,, ,, for over 60,000 california foster children, nights can feel long and lonely. i miss my sister. i miss my old school. i miss my room. i don't want special treatment. i just wanna feel normal. to help, sleep train is collecting pajamas for foster children, big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help make a foster child's night a little cozier.
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16-year old makenzie wethin spirals wildly to the groun- s. ' horrifying experiences for a first time teenaged skydiver. thethe 16-year-old fell to the
5:44 am
ground and lived to talk about it. her chute opened only halfway and she began to rotate out of control. >> they got on the radio on the ground, the guy on the radio on the ground is trying to talk her out of what's going on and telling her what to do and she can't. she can't do it. >> mackenzie is in icu. she suffered a broken pelvis, vertebrae in her lower back, shoulder blade and several ribs. she is going to be okay. it was her sweet sixteen birthday and you would never think something like that would happen. >> good to here she's going to be okay. >> yeah. time now 5:44. liza? >> it's been busy. most of the accidents we have been seeing have been concentrated in the east bay. mostly in oakland. so we are going to start off with this problem in oakland. southbound 880 just beyond the 980. two lanes blocked. all lanes were blocked to put a
5:45 am
big rig tow truck in place. now it's down to 36 miles per hour in the area. there is an accident in the backup. along highway 24 there was a car traveling eastbound somehow spun out flipped over the center divider and ended up in westbound traffic. so you're going to see this accident westbound 24 beyond 13. it's in the center divider at this hour. it's also a long morning for the altamont pass. you can see all of the yellow there. traffic speeds are down westbound 580. 580/680 interchange room to head through the pleasanton area but gummed up through livermore leaving the altamont pass. half moon bay, we had been watching this accident involving that car off the ravine. the rescue is now complete. they were able to take out the injured party. highway 1 at martins beach there is still traffic control in the area southbound. but cars are able to get through there also on the frontage road.
5:46 am
that's a look at "kcbs traffic." now to lawrence. there's also dense fog at the coastline and oversky line boulevard. we are waiting for rain. hi-def doppler radar is looking toward the skies. fairly quiet at this time. we are looking to the north seeing scattered light showers near cloverdale and off the coastline. not seeing things picking up until later in the day. a lot of clouds outside today, chan of sprinkles to the north throughout the day. then rain develops tonight and into tomorrow for the rest of the bay area. cloudy skies rain to the north held up by this ridge of high pressure but that ridge going to start to weaken and break down and as it does the jet stream drops in and yeah, we are going to see much-needed rain showing up outside around the bay area. not the biggest storm we have ever seen but a much-needed rain event regardless. temperatures around the state you will see 60s and 70s in the central valley. more rain further to the north. if you plan to head to the high country, we have winter storm
5:47 am
warning in effect later on tonight could see upwards of two feet of snow across the higher sierra nevada. by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, could see 6" of snow lake level at tahoe. computer models showing clouds continuing to work their way across our skies, chance of showers on and off and rain tonight into early tomorrow morning and cold front through the bay area. so chance of rain for everyone overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. temperatures going to stay fairly mild. 50s and some 60s right now. your sunrise time 7:16. sunset 5:30. and looking out over the next few days, got rain in the forecast. drying out friday and saturday. a few showers sunday. it's hard to believe we haven't had hardly any rainfall and fire danger is still a concern. roberta gonzales is in sunol with mobile weather. >> reporter: it's overcast and light drizzle due to the condensation from the fog not an area of low pressure pushing through. it's fog producing the drizzle
5:48 am
but the visibility still at 10 miles. we are here at fire station 14. they are located in sunol and to give you a little bit of proximity, sunol is roughly a rural community of 1,000 people to the south of fremont, to the north is pleasanton, to the northeast is livermore. but this is a very important fire station playing a very important role. to tell us more about that we have captain duffy. thank you for getting up with this morning. >> no problem. >> reporter: you are receiving as far as your unit is concerned additional staffing due to the very dry drought conditions. >> right now, we have the lack of rainfall, we're basically conditions that we have in the summertime. so with that we are bringing on additional firefighters, we are bringing back seasonal firefighters. they were laid off for a short period and now we're bringing them back very unusual for this time of year. >> reporter: exactly. so fire season has never ended here in the bay area? >> it really hasn't. it hasn't ended. we're in conditions right now that we could be in the middle of summer. >> reporter: so here in the east bay, this particular area
5:49 am
consists a lot of agriculture, farmers, ranchers. any concerns? >> well, absolutely. there's a perfect interface. there's houses. so you have to protect those homes. you have a problem. >> reporter: is there anything i can do, anybody watching this interview at this particular time to protect their homes? >> right now you want to treat it like it is fire season. so if you want to clear some brush or anything around your property, you want to do that in the morning hours when it's cooler. if you are using power equipment, take that into consideration. >> reporter: this is odd because usually we are saying clean out the gutters this time of year but instead clear your landscaping. for more information visit us online at kpix for words are bringing 9er nation together heading into super bowl sunday. >> anyone but the seahawks. that's become the catch phrase taking over the bay area. kpix 5's kiet do met up with
5:50 am
the woman who is turning that sentiment into cold, hard cash. >> reporter: it's a question 49ers fans will have to answer come sunday. what to wear to the super bowl party? >> don't you ever talk about me! >> talk about me, talk about me, talk about me -- [ echo. ] >> reporter: whatever you decide, at the very least, make it red and gold. >> hi! >> reporter: hi. for this business owner, the answer came after watching richard sherman's post-game interview. [ screaming at the top of his lungs ] >> i looked at my boys and my husband and i said, anybody but the seahawks. that's what came out of my mouth, anybody but the seahawks, because i didn't want his behavior to be validated. >> reporter: the catch phrase was born in seconds. the design took a few hours, printing two days but the rivalry will go on for years. at first they had go broncos on the bottom but her son convinced her to take it off so
5:51 am
9ers fans could wear it all year long. would you say the t-shirt is passive-aggressive? >> slightly. that was probably passive- aggressive answer. but -- [ laughter ] >> reporter: they are now selling 250 t-shirts a day both at her store out of the envelope in los gatos, and online at where else, for this mother of 7 kids, the t-shirts are a way of getting payback. >> when you have 6 sons and some of them were bullied, it really affected me and when this hit me on sunday after the game, it took me back to when my kids were younger and i said, not okay. not okay. not okay. [ laughter ] >> genius, right? [ laughter ] >> cracks me up. >> they are going to sell like hotcakes. >> imagine that. >> everyone hates the seahawks here. >> don't wear them in seattle. you're in deep trouble. will you order a few? >> no. well, yeah. >> i would hope. >> i don't want the seahawks to win, either. >> all right. if you would like to order
5:52 am
anyone but the seahawks shirts, go to for link. i would hope you would be wearing one. >> i'd wear it. the queen of england is spending too much money at least her advisors say so. >> buckingham palace and other royal residences are in need of serious repair but critics say the money is just not there because the queen's advisors are mismanaging funds. >> windsor castle problem with the bedrooms and the royal picture gallery all too often they have buckets because of the water coming through. >> so many for living like royalty. one suggestion is to open buckingham palace more often to paying visitors when the queen is not at home. 5:52. coming up, goes retro. does it get passengers attention with a blast from the past? >> probably the same odds as the mega millions. >> fisherman up in tahoe solved
5:53 am
a mystery years in the making. we'll explain. ,, ,,,,,, ♪ too big. ♪ too soft.
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too small. ♪ mmm! ♪ too happy. ♪ [ male announcer ] at progresso, we've got a passion for quality.
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good evening, this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. hats to even an appearance t-v star alf. if this video screams the 80s... then it s done its job. this is in 's 80 s in- fl from break dancing to hats to an appearance of tv star elf this video screams the '80s and it's done its job. the cheese hair. i remember that. this is in fact a new delta '80s in-flight safety video with kareem abdul-jabbar, metal hair, the poofs and more. delta created the video to get passengers to focus on safety instructions. that would do it, right? >> i would watch now, you
5:56 am
know, before snoozing out. a fisherman hoping for a big catch at lake tahoe last weekended up snagging something eve more amazing. >> the rusty memory card on a camera was intact showing thousands of photos. with the help of facebook he and his friends posted some of the pictures up and were able to track down the owner. >> it's probably the same odds as winning the mega millions. >> it's just surreal. i just can't believe -- and to think it wasn't found by scuba divers but reeled in by a guy who thought he caught a fish. this just makes it even more cool. >> turns out the woman had dropped the camera while sailing on lake tahoe back in 2011. she has her photos back now. >> great. 5:56. next half hour, president obama hitting the road to put his plan into action. his message to the people today following last night's big state of the union address.
5:57 am
>> two men are attacked by dogs in golden gate park and this morning, police are stationed around the park looking for one of those dogs still on the loose. we'll have the details up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:58 am
5:59 am
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january 29th. i'm frank mallicoat. a dog attack in golden gate park sends one man to the hospital and forces police to shoot and kill one dog. this morning, a second is on the loose. >> tragic as it was that her body was mutilated by the fire engine, the fire engines did not cause her death. >> what really happened to the 16-year-old victim of the asiana airlines crash? a new report that says firefighters did not kill that teenaged girl, that she was already dead from the crash. >> wherever and whenever i can take steps without legislation to expand opportunities for more american families, that's what i'm going to do. >> in his state of the union address, president obama called for a year of ac


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